Noreast Building Contractors


“Noreast has always done a great job for us, and they are a pleasure to work with. They did a major renovation about 8 years before this writing, but have returned to do a number of smaller projects, and have also always been available to advise on anything having to do with the house, and have been a good source of other service providers in their industry. They are knowledgeable, pleasant and we always feel we are getting their best effort for a fair price.”

- Claire Schiffman, Client


“My wife and I loved working with Nick and the Noreast team.  He was on schedule and right on budget, and discussed any potential changes to timing or cost with us well in advance.  A significant number of his employees work exclusively or predominantly with Nick, so there were no delays waiting on sub-contractors during our project.  We would recommend Noreast for any size project; their work is of the highest quality.”

- Dan Black, Client


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